Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Wonders of Winter

Winter time is one of my favorite times of all. I can't stand being cooped up inside waiting for the warmth of the sun to thaw out the pond to get it up and running again. It has been cold here the past month and we even had a 8-10" snow storm over a week ago, but most of that is gone now and parts of the lawn are peaking through their white blanket.

My kids share my love for winter and all that it brings. We love to go sledding, ice skating and making snow forts. My wife Lynn, not so much, she hates the cold weather. Although she does enjoy a family outing to the local sledding hill, as long as there is a thermos of hot coco to warm her up. This year my oldest son Zach and I will venture out to do some ice fishing. I used to do quite a lot of fishing in the winter, growing up in St. Clair Shores and living so close to the water when I was young.

The other day my daughter and I were out late at night in our hot tub and it was around 22 degrees out when she jumped out of the tub and made a snow angel, while still in her bathing suit, within an hour or so the snow had begun falling and by morning it was covered.